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LA January Hybrid I

21-22 January 2023

Organized by South Eastern European Chess Organization

NA LIang Shi

MICROSOFT Caffe Redmond

IA Jasna Sakotic Belgrade

 Socker club  “RED STARS”  Belgrade 

IA Hough Randall 

Hotel OAK  Monrovia Los Angeles

Rights to Participate

All players who confirm their registration before  January 19-th 2023

Competition System

4 rounds Team match between US and EU players tournament , according to the FIDE Hybrid rules of chess

Time control will be 90 + 30 / 60 +30  and games will be counted   for the

February classical FIDE rating list

Registration Deadline

Registration and payment must be submitted by January 19-th 2023


Registered players Redmond

Registered players Los Angeles

Registered players Belgrade




LA Hybrid January I starts in:









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